Artificial Leg – Below The Knee – Prosthetics to Help People Walk Again – Local Specialists

Artificial Leg – Below The Knee – Prosthetics to Help People Walk Again – Local Specialists

By Daniel Rinella

Have you lost your leg, below your knee?

Have you had to have an amputation and now you are looking for answers to help you get walking again, the way deserve to?

Yes, this is a tough subject to address. The topic of amputation for individuals is an emotional one. Our heart goes out to you. If you have had an amputation then we are here to help. This free article will discuss, amputations and the reason why they occur. This article will also inform you of the best people to work with when it comes to getting a new prosthetic leg.

1.) Trauma & Diabetes

Two main reasons why individuals lose their limbs are trauma and diabetes. Accidents may force a surgeon to perform an amputation to save an individuals life. For example, an accident can impair blood flow in your lower extremities. Diabetes can also impair the circulation in your lower extremities as well. This lack of blood can cause severe pain and may also allow serious infection to develop in your legs as well.

If left untreated, the leg can become necrotic and this can threaten an individual’s life. In this case, it means an amputation just below your knee may need to be preformed in order to save your life.

2.) Below Knee Prostheses

Different systems are available to patient’s today to help get them walking again. This article is not meant to tell you which prosthetic leg is better than the next. It is the job of your local, licensed prosthetist to evaluate and treat you. Your prosthetist and your physician will work together to help treat you in the best way. When it comes to getting a prosthesis, it is paramount that you see one of these licensed individuals.

3.) Does My Insurance Pay For A BK Prosthesis?

This is very possible and depends on the coverage that your health insurance plan dictates. Every plan is different when it comes to insurance. This is another reason why it is important to work with a local, licensed prosthetic company in your area. They can help you facilitate a claim to your insurance company.

These companies do this all the time and this can make a difference for you when it comes time to get a prosthetic limb.

Note: This is health information. For medical advice that pertains to prosthetic devices, visit your local licensed prosthetist today.

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