C-Leg Compact Prosthetic Article – Free Information – Part I

C-Leg Compact Prosthetic Article – Free Information – Part I

By Daniel Rinella

What Is The C-Leg Compact?

The C-Leg compact is a prosthesis that has been designed for those individuals that are less active. In addition, it is for those amputees that are in need of a high degree of stability as well. (This is usually an important point for anyone that wears a prosthesis for walking.)

1.) The C-Leg Compact, At a Glance

This prosthesis is unique in that it will provide a higher degree of protection against falls. This is due to Otto Bock’s state of the art technology, that is incorporated into this prosthesis. Otto Bock, the manufacturer of the components of this prosthesis, indicates that the C-Leg offers the highest level of safety due to the mechatronic hydraulic stance phase. Individuals that weight up to 275 lbs (125 kgs) can use this prosthesis.

2.) History of the C-Leg Compact

This prosthesis was first introduced by Otto Bock in 1997. It was designed for individuals that have had a transfemoral amputation. Moreover, it is for individuals that have limited mobility levels, such as older patients who walk more slowly. It is best for transfemoral prosthesis wearers that have a higher need for safety, compared to traditional AK prostheses. Individuals with a mobility level starting at grade 2 can use this prosthesis. This means that people who as limited outdoor walkers can use this system.

3.) High Level of Safety

Due to the technology used in the C-Leg, it will always recognize which phase of gait the user is currently in. This is very important because the prosthesis will be able to adjust itself in real time. Moreover, when an individual is sitting down in a chair, or they are walking on a surface that is uneven (such as an incline or decline slope, or set of stairs) the Mechatronic hydraulic stance phase safety system is always active.

4.) Working With A Prosthetist in Your Area

It is important to work with a prosthetist in your area when getting a device like the C-Leg. They will take a cast and measurements of your leg so that it will be customized to your dimensions. Getting the proper fit with any prosthesis is of utmost importance and these individuals can help you when you get this type of prosthesis.

Note: This is health information. Although it is good information, it is always best to get medical advice regarding prosthetics and your particular situation from these individuals.

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