C-Leg Compact Prosthetic Article – Free Information – Part II

C-Leg Compact Prosthetic Article – Free Information – Part II

By Daniel Rinella

1.) Safety Requirements

The benefits of the C-Leg Compact are that the prosthesis can be adjusted to fit the individual safety requirements of the person who is using it. This is the same benefit that you will find in the C-Leg. For example, when a person needs more safety walking down stairs, the C-Leg Compact will provide a heightened level of security due to its design. This will help reduce the incidence of falls for patients who use the prosthesis. Fine tuning the prosthesis, to correspond to an individual’s requirements is also possible.

2.) A More Natural Gait Pattern

When walking, as an amputee, the main goal is to achieve a more fluid, natural gait pattern. This is especially true with the C-Leg compact. Why? The load (patient’s weight and stress on the prosthesis) is distributed evenly over both legs. This provides relief on the contralateral side, so an individual does not feel like they are off balanced and have to compensate on their sound leg. – As a result of the microprocessor that is incorporated into this prosthesis, the wearer can also focus on what is more important in life. Would it not be great to focus more on other things in your life, besides how your leg is doing?

3.) Coping With Obstacles More Smoothly

With the C-Leg technology and studies that have been preformed with respect to this prosthesis, people indicate that they have:

A.) A reduction in the cognitive demand needed during walking

B.) Increased activity and a range of movement

C.) Together, these two things allow for an increased level of confidence for the wearer of the C-Leg compact

D.) Decreased energy expenditure when ambulating. This leads to longer daily use of the C-Leg

4.) Where To Get A C-Leg

It is important to work with prosthetic company in your area when it comes to getting a C-Leg. Professionals in the field, known as prosthetists can help you. In order to earn and retain their licenses, they have to pass board exams and continue with their education in the field. A local, licensed prosthetist is who you should work with when it comes time to get the prosthesis.
Note: This is health information. Although this is good information, it is best to get medical advice from your local, licensed prosthetist when it comes to the C-Leg, or the C-Leg compact. This is not a substitute for medical advice for your particular situation.

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