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Custom Orthotics Are Recommended For Flat Feet?

By Jerome Kaplan Most sources do not recommend custom orthotics for flat feet. Now, for people that have weak or falling arches that have yet to fall completely, they could be the perfect solution. By providing the extra support that your arches need, they could help you be pain-free and possibly prevent your arches from falling further. While some people …

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Custom Orthotics Prevent Worsening & Sometimes Heal Chronic Conditions

By Jerome Kaplan Custom orthotics, as well as non-fitted varieties, can provide a variety of benefits to people with feet problems and to just about anyone. Even if your feet are perfect, your shoes may not be. Shoes that don’t provide good arch support or create imbalances in the way that we walk can eventually cause wide-ranging deformities. No one …

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How Do Orthotics Work? – Nurse’s Guide

By Helen Hecker If you’re having foot pain or foot problems of any kind, you may have been wondering whether orthotics would help cure you. Orthotics have helped many people with various kinds of foot disorders and given them pain relief. Orthotics modify the function of the foot. Not only adults are fit with orthotics but many children as well. …

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How Orthotics Work

By David A Kingston All persons are not born with a perfect walk. It is something that is learned and is acquired as we grow older. However, some individuals don’t acquire this walk even with age and experience. Also some may have acquired their walk but lose it as they get older. This is due to pain and loss of …

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Orthotic Insoles – Choosing the Right Type For You

By Fred Salomon 1) Customized (rigid) insoles: These orthotic insoles are for patients with intense biomechanical disorders which are more severe than the usual degree of overpronation that most of us suffer from. Custom-made, rigid orthotic inserts can only be created by a podiatrist. For example, some people experience ‘supination’, which is the opposite to pronation. Their feet roll to …

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Orthotic Insoles Can Help Stabilize and Support Your Foot

By Ryan Coisson The average person takes more than 2500 steps each day. Each step that you take puts enormous amounts of pressure on your feet. If this pressure is not distributed correctly it can begin to affect other parts of your body. You may feel pain in your arch, heel, ankles, and knees. Poor distribution can also be causing …

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Orthotics, Orthotic Insoles – How They Help Relieve Aches and Pains

By Peter Van Dyke This article will help you understand: – What Orthotics are – Different types of Orthotics available – Difference between Orthotic Insoles and regular Footbeds – How Orthotics work – Which common ailments can be treated with Orthotics What exactly is an ‘Orthotic’? An Orthotic is a generic name for Orthotic Insoles/Shoe inserts or Orthoses used as …

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Pregnancy, Diabetes, and Your Feet

By Christine Dobrowolski, DPM There are so many changes the body undergoes during pregnancy that it becomes easy to ignore the changes in the feet. During pregnancy the body releases hormones that allow the ligaments to relax in the birth canal. The ligaments in the feet also relax, causing the foot to lengthen and widen. Many will complain of a …

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Prevent Foot Problems When Walking

By Christine Dobrowolski, DPM Americans are on the go. According to an NSGA Survey, 71 million American adults are exercise walkers, making walking the top sport in the United States. Taking steps daily to improve health will help with America’s obesity epidemic. Sixty five percent of Americans are overweight, which is linked to diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and some types …

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Should You Consider Orthotics for Your Foot Pain?

By Dave Wilson Many people with arthritis foot pain benefit from orthotic inserts. Orthotics is the science of constructing or custom designing foot appliances such as arch supports, shoe inserts, shoes, etc., to aid in preventing and correcting deformities that may inhibit normal, comfortable movement in a person. Orthotics also assists in supporting and properly aligning the foot to help …

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