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Advances in Prosthetic Devices Offer Increased Freedom for Amputees

By Aldene Fredenburg Strong but lightweight materials and advances in technology have translated into more comfort and higher function for amputees. In the past artificial limbs were made of wood and existed without moving joints, so that above the joint amputations in particular severely limited the mobility of the individual. In addition, the heavy wooden construction made the use of …

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Artificial Leg – Below The Knee – Prosthetics to Help People Walk Again – Local Specialists

By Daniel Rinella Have you lost your leg, below your knee? Have you had to have an amputation and now you are looking for answers to help you get walking again, the way deserve to? Yes, this is a tough subject to address. The topic of amputation for individuals is an emotional one. Our heart goes out to you. If …

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C-Leg Compact Prosthetic Article – Free Information – Part II

By Daniel Rinella 1.) Safety Requirements The benefits of the C-Leg Compact are that the prosthesis can be adjusted to fit the individual safety requirements of the person who is using it. This is the same benefit that you will find in the C-Leg. For example, when a person needs more safety walking down stairs, the C-Leg Compact will provide …

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C-Leg Compact Prosthetic Article – Free Information – Part I

By Daniel Rinella What Is The C-Leg Compact? The C-Leg compact is a prosthesis that has been designed for those individuals that are less active. In addition, it is for those amputees that are in need of a high degree of stability as well. (This is usually an important point for anyone that wears a prosthesis for walking.) 1.) The …

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Cyborgs – Science Fiction to Scientific Reality

By William Sutherland The year is 2021. It is two decades after the 9/11 attacks. A group of terrorists are seated at an outdoor cafĂ© discussing their plans. A cat observes from about 5 meters away. Images are transmitted from its brain providing real-time information. At the same time, a tiny beetle goes unnoticed as it takes position underneath the …

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Microprocessor Controlled Knees – AK Prosthetics – The C-Leg

By Daniel Rinella Do you want to learn more about above knee prostheses? Do you wish you could know what you are talking about when it comes to prosthetic legs? Why Microprocessor-Controlled Knees Are Significant 1.) Introduction Microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees (MPK) have now set a new standard for stability and ease of use for transfemoral amputees. These microprocessor knees function …

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Mobility Aids Make Life Easier For Those That Need Them

By Paul J Easton Walking, running, and even standing still are things so many of us take for granted but not all of us have the luxury of walking and getting around comfortably of our own accord. For those of us that are inflected with ailments that make movement difficult mobility aids may provide all the necessary help. Mobility aids …

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New Advances in Prosthetic Medical Application Solutions

By Chris A. Harmen One major hurdle that the medical profession faces is providing effective prosthetics for amputees that can mimic the real motion and stability of an actual leg. Restoring a full range of motion to a patient who has lost a leg is the overall goal of medical application solutions. The Challenge The human body and leg are …

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Prosthetic Eye Care – Maintaining Optimal Lubrication For Prosthetics Eyes

By Roger Lindell Prosthetic eyes are a marvel of modern science, technology and artistry. Over the past century, the advancement of the manufacturing of prosthetic eyes has culminated in prosthetics that are extremely difficult to distinguish between natural eyes. A prosthetic eye is produced to carefully fit in the orbital socket and is carefully designed to provide symmetry between the …

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How Do Prosthetics Work?

By Mona Lee Prosthetics encompass a wide array of artificial devices that work by replacing, or acting as extensions of, body parts that may have been damaged or are missing due to an accident, disease, birth defect, or as a result of a traumatic injury such as commonly occurs when members of the military are involved in combat operations. They …

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