Orthotic Insoles Can Help Stabilize and Support Your Foot

Orthotic Insoles Can Help Stabilize and Support Your Foot

By Ryan Coisson

The average person takes more than 2500 steps each day. Each step that you take puts enormous amounts of pressure on your feet. If this pressure is not distributed correctly it can begin to affect other parts of your body. You may feel pain in your arch, heel, ankles, and knees. Poor distribution can also be causing pain in your hips, back, neck, and shoulders. It is important to wear comfortable shoes that provide proper arch support.

Most shoes will provide minimal cushion or arch support. Since the shoe is not custom made to fit your foot, your arch may not be getting the support that it needs. Many people will blame their shoes when their feet or ankles start to hurt. They believe that a new pair of shoes will solve the issue. This is not always the case. An option is either to have a custom pair of shoes made, which can be very expensive, or you can purchase some quality insoles.

Orthotic Insoles can easily be slipped into your shoe and provide much needed arch support. Most insoles mold to your feet using the heat from your foot. This provides a more custom fit and provides cushioned comfort. These insoles help control, stabilize and balance the foot. The materials absorb shock and reduce friction to the foot, allowing overall comfort and distribution of your weight on the foot.

Insoles can be a great option if you are having foot pain. They are typically fairly inexpensive, especially compared to custom shoes. Whether you have a flat or high arch it is important to provide your foot the necessary support. You may want to contact a medical professional for more information and ask about orthotic insoles.

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